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BLR has developed and certified its FastFin® Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability System for installation on Airbus H125 helicopters. The System is available for all models of AS350, and certified performance is available for the B1, B2, B3 and H125/B3e.

FastFin uses advanced airflow management to increase the effectiveness of the H125 anti-torque system for significant increases to hover load and stability. It does not modify the vertical fin, but is comprised of an Advanced Tailboom Aerodynamic Cowling (ATAC), a Tailboom Strake and Vortex Generators.

The H125 FastFin System is available to the aftermarket and as a factory-installed option on new H125 helicopters.

Additional benefits will include a reduction in pilot workload, easier control in precision hover-hold operations and better management of the yaw axis when hovering in challenging crosswinds.

Performance Highlights

increase in available right pedal


useful load increase in OGE hover

How It Works
Side View of Vertical Stabilizer & Tailboom
Rear View of Vertical Stabilizer & Tailboom
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Read what Airbus has to say about FastFin®

“The additional performances brought by the BLR FastFin system will benefit our H125 operators performing very demanding missions.”

– Mathilde Royer-Germain, Vice President of Airbus Helicopters