Trusted Technology Partner

The aviation industry knows BLR Aerospace for its performance-enhancing products. Our innovations fly on more than 6,000 helicopters and airplanes, and we are a trusted technology partner to both OEMs and the aftermarket.

The key to BLR’s success has never changed – we are innovators – but our holistic approach to innovation is what sets BLR apart. While great engineering, creative ideas and technical expertise are essential to our success, it takes real innovation to earn industry icon status.

Intelligent Innovation

From the beginning, the company has exclusively aligned itself with organizations of the highest technical caliber. BLR holds an exclusive NASA technology transfer license, and our flagship FastFin® Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability System is based on research conducted by NASA’s Langley Research Center for the U.S. Army. By optimizing this technology through thousands of hours of instrumented flight testing and highly sophisticated predictive performance analysis, BLR has proven itself as a true industry leader.

Strategic Innovation

In addition, BLR only puts our stamp on select products that meet strategically important criteria. Every idea is carefully considered and rigorously vetted. Is there an unmet need for this product? Is it unique in the market? Will it truly deliver game-changing performance improvements? As pilots ourselves, we bring a practical, real-world perspective to everything we do.

Total Innovation

For BLR, innovation is a mindset, a culture, and a process.
Our keys to success include:



We have a demonstrated ability to find and identify game-changing ideas.



We take steps to ensure that the idea can become a product that will solve a real market need or operator challenge.


Technical Excellence

We are proficient in designing, developing and certifying products that will measurably improve performance in a significant way.


Strategic Marketing

We carefully plan and skillfully introduce, market and sell every product, leveraging certified performance data.



We join forces with OEMs and operators to apply our technologies in value-added ways, and forge new partnerships to identify and develop the next generation of innovations.

Innovation in Action

To learn more about the technologies behind BLR innovations, visit our product pages: