A Complete Performance Package

The Grand Duke performance package includes BLR Vortex Generators, Aft Body Strakes, Winglets and a new operational weight of 7,039 pounds.

Together, these enhancements provide impressive performance gains for Duke owners who want more from their aircraft.

  • 190 pounds of additional useful load
  • 350 fpm increase in climb rate with Winglets
  • Significantly lower approach speeds

The Grand Duke program can be tailored to meet your schedule and budgetary needs. Whether you need a complete fast track installation program or prefer to spread the package over several purchases, BLR can accommodate your needs.

Grand Duke Package is available for:

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Beechcraft Duke

* Winglets compatible with B style tips only.

Grand Duke Media

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Read what our customers have to say about the Grand Duke Package

“The BLR Vortex Generators have made a dramatic difference in the flight characteristics of the Duke! I feel that I can handle any engine-out emergency on takeoff without a problem.”

– Bill Lovell, Lovell Construction Co.

“The BLR Vortex Generators make a completely different aircraft out of the Duke. I can’t imagine why anybody would not pay the price of one of your kits to make such a big improvement in their aircraft.”

– Ron Garner, Garner Transportation, Inc.