From stability and lifting capability to flying at high altitudes, rotorcraft operators face a unique set of challenges. And BLR Aerospace has a range of aerodynamic solutions customized to meet their needs.

FastFin® System for Airbus

The BLR FastFin System is certified and available to enhance the performance and handling of Airbus H125 helicopters.

FastFin® System for Bell

Proven on more than a thousand Bell helicopters worldwide, the FastFin System measurably improves productivity and profitability.

Dual Tailboom Strakes

Imagine what improved handling, control and performance would mean to your operation.


BLR engineers have created innovative performance-enhancing products for a range of Beechcraft King Airs.

Whisper Prop®

Transform your flying experience with unprecedented reductions in noise, vibration and weight.

Winglet Systems

Reduce induced drag for more speed and less fuel burn, and look great everywhere you fly.

LED Lighting System

Highly reliable LED wingtip lights burn brighter and are highly visible with less flashback when operating in heavy fog or clouds.


BLR offers a broad array of innovative and effective product enhancements for piston-powered airplanes including Cessna, Piper and Duke.

Vortex Generators

Installation brings a long list of benefits, including gross take-off weight increases and shorter take-offs and landings.

Aft Body Strakes

Improve directional stability while reducing aft body drag and Dutch roll oscillations.

Duke Winglets

With increased effective wingspan, you’ll enjoy improved across-the-board performance.

Grand Duke Package

Realize an operational weight increase with installation of Vortex Generators, Winglets, and Dual Aft Body Strakes.