Breakthrough Performance

If you are a helicopter operator challenged by precision hover holds, crosswinds, or operations at altitudes where max gross weight cannot be achieved, the FastFin® Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability System will change the way you fly.

  • Improved OGE loads enhance productivity and profitability
  • Improved hover hold in challenging crosswinds enhances safety
  • Improved stability in all hover operations reduces pilot workload and fatigue
  • All but eliminates the sudden and seemingly unpredictable Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness (LTE)

FastFin is certified worldwide for installation on a range of helicopters and is installed at the factory on the Bell 412EPI.

No wonder NASA Aerodynamiscist Henry Kelly says FastFin is – without a doubt – “the single-most important performance modification in the history of helicopters.”


useful load (increase between 150 - 1250 lbs.)


reduced required tail rotor pedal reversals

How It Works
FastFin is available for:

Click below to download available performance charts. Please contact BLR directly for more information on those that are still under development.

Bell 212

  • Bell 212
  • Bell 212HP

Bell 204

Bell 205

Bell 412

Bell UH-1

  • Bell UH-1H
  • Bell UH-1D
  • Bell UH-1F
  • Bell UH-1N
  • Bell UH-1P
  • TH-1F
  • Huey II
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Read what our customers have to say about FastFin®

“Providing our customers with a complete mission solution is one of Bell Helicopter’s top priorities. The FastFin System delivers the kind of performance benefits that allow Bell helicopter operators to more effectively and efficiently complete their missions. We are pleased to partner with BLR to provide our customers with this increased benefit.”

-Larry D. Roberts, Senior Vice President, Commercial Business, Bell Helicopter

“FastFin is – without a doubt – one of the most significant aerodynamic solutions ever developed to enhance yaw control.”

– Dr. Henry Kelly, NASA Aerodynamicist, Retired, NASA

“A greater margin of safety when we need it most. That’s FastFin.”

– Brian Reynolds, Owner, Northwest Helicopters

“FastFin is phenomenal. It’s saved us a ton of money because we were looking at having to go to a 212 tail rotor system. We find that with FastFin, we’ve accomplished the same thing, for a whole lot less.”

– John Adolphson, Chief Pilot, Washington State Department of Natural Resources

“The key difference is, when you’re working at high-density altitudes with a load on, it seems less affected by the wind shifts that you typically encounter in mountainous terrain.”

– Richard Woodbury, Pilot, Washington State Department of Natural Resources