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Winglet Systems from BLR Aerospace are a solid, stylish addition that will distinguish your King Air in the hangar, on the ramp and everywhere you fly.

Carbon fiber Winglet and aluminum wing tip increase wing aspect ration to reduce induced drag and fuel consumption up to 5 percent or more.

Benefits include:
  • Reduced time to climb and fuel burn
  • Improved short field performance
  • Extended range
  • Improved OEI climb
  • Improved handling
  • Increased hull value
  • Improved high altitude performance
  • Modernized appearance
Performance Highlights

reduction in required runway length


increased climb gradient at sea level

Winglet Systems are available for:

Click below to download available performance charts. Please contact BLR directly for more information.

King Air 200 Series

  • King Air 200
  • King Air B200
  • King Air B200C
  • King Air B200GT
  • King Air 250

King Air 300 Series

  • King Air 300
  • King Air 300 LW
Winglet System Media

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Performance gains are even higher when Winglets are paired with BLR Whisper Prop. Together, this powerful package comes with a certified Flight Manual Supplement verifying superior performance when compared to the factory 90GTx and 200 performance manuals.

Operators can now enjoy the short-field performance and interior space of a King Air with comfort surpassing the comparatively space-limited entry-level business jet – all while flying an aircraft they already own.

Learn more about Whisper Prop here.

  • 30-50 percent reduction in noise, depending on frequency, when compared to the factory standard propeller
  • Significant gains in useful load
  • Runway length reductions up to 33 percent
  • Access to shorter fields, reduced trip times, greater safety margins
Winglets + Whisper Prop are available for:

King Air 90 Series

  • King Air C90A
  • King Air 90GT/i

King Air 200 Series

  • King Air 200
  • King Air B200
  • King Air B200C
  • King Air B200GT
  • King Air B250

King Air 300 Series

  • King Air 300
  • King Air 300LW
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Read what our customers have to say about Winglet System

“The new Winglets look terrific and add an exciting appeal to the aircraft. General handling and roll control in particular is superb, with a noticeable increase in climb performance. Approach speeds over the fence are reduced, with the attendant advantages. I am thrilled with the product.”

– Freek de Villiers, Chief Pilot, ALTP

“The change in performance with Winglets is impressive. For the first time, we can effectively reach RVSM altitudes. At FL290 we are seeing 5 knots of additional cruise. ROI should be less than 3 years at 500 hours per year. Great mod!”

– Ken Glass, Chairman, Stony Point Group, LLC

“I’m pleased with the in-flight benefits of Winglets. Climbing between FL 280 and 320 I’m seeing 900 feet per minute – about 400-500 feet per minute in additional climb. In cruise, I am way above book at 288 knots true. Winglets also improve landings by reducing the tendency of the King Air to drop out in the flair. I’m getting a lot of attention on the ramp. This mod is a real eye-catcher.”

– Bob Goff, Publisher, Twin & Turbine Magazine