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Like most BLR products, Vortex Generators (VGs) are designed to optimize airflow – in this case over the wing of the aircraft on which they are installed.

VGs enhance performance by energizing airflow and spinning it into tiny vortices that travel over the wing and compress the boundary layer. All VG kits include small, highly engineered aluminum tabs that are attached to the wing aft of the leading edge in precise locations.

Benefits include:
  • Increases useful load (most models)
  • Reduces Vmc below stall speed (most models)
  • Increases aileron effectiveness in all flight regimes
  • Shorter takeoffs and landings with steeper climbouts and approaches
  • Decreased tire and brake wear
  • Stall speed reductions of 7-21% (varies by model)
  • Approved on Known-Ice aircraft
  • No additional maintenance required
  • Easy one-day installation
  • No weight and balance change required

Certified kits are available for a range of single- and twin-engine aircraft.

Vortex Generators are available for:

Click below to download available performance charts. Please contact BLR directly for more information on those that are still under development.

de Havilland Beaver DHC-2 MK-1

Piper Seneca Series

Cessna 100 Series

  • 180
  • 182-Under Development
  • 185

Cessna 320 Series

Cessna 340 Series

Beechcraft Duke

When Vortex Generators are installed, a BLR landing gear modification will make the increase in gross takeoff weight more usable and improve the flying experience. Because the modification maximizes the VG-enabled performance gains, it is especially well suited for those who fly in remote areas with short runways.

Vortex Generators + Landing Gear Mods are available for:

Click to download available performance charts or contact BLR.

Piper PA31 Series

Vortex Generators Media

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Read what our customers have to say about Vortex Generators

“The BLR Vortex Generators make a completely different aircraft out of the Duke. I can’t imagine why anybody would not pay the price of one of your kits to make such a big improvement in their aircraft.”

– Ron Garner, Garner Transportation, Inc.

“The BLR Vortex Generators have made a dramatic difference in the flight characteristics of the Duke! I feel that I can handle any engine-out emergency on takeoff without a problem.”

– Bill Lovell, Lovell Construction Co.

“Unbelievable performance. Simply unbelievable.”

– Shaker Razook, Owner, Shaker Express